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07.08.2013The Dockyard

Its construction started in 1227, six years later than the Sultan's conquest of the city, near Kızılkule and finished in one year. The Side of the dockyard overlooking the sea and having five cells with arches is 56.5 metres long and it is 44 metres in depth. The area selected for the dockyard...

07.08.2013Turkey halts Iranian spy's extradition to Germany

In a move that would prevent the lawful extradition of Hossein Tanideh, an Iranian spy, to Germany, Turkey has opened its own case against Tanideh, thus obliging the spy to remain longer in Turkey, a Turkish news outlet has claimed. Turkey filed charges against Tanideh for customs violation...

07.08.2013Ergenekon verdict a milestone on path to ending coup attempts for good

The five-year trial of Ergenekon, a clandestine and terrorist gang guilty of attempting to overthrow the government, has ended, and the outcome will have a powerful positive affect on the country's democracy in the long run, experts agree. The landmark trial ended on Monday, when 19 individ...

07.08.2013Turkish leader accused of witch-hunt as army coup plotter is jailed for life

Police fire teargas at protesters outside court as critics say Recep Tayyip Erdoğan used trial to weaken military Turkey is facing angry divisions after a former armed forces commander was sentenced to life imprisonment with 16 other retired officers for their role in an alleged terrori...

07.08.2013They are blocking Gazipaşa Airport“

Civil Aviation General Management opened up 20 new airlanes but Gazipaşa Airport didn't get anything. Hüseyin Yıldız, a member of MHP General Executive Board talked about how they are trying to block Gazipaşa Airport. "Ministry of Transportation is still trying to block Gazipaşa Airport." Al...

07.08.2013Swimming in February?!

Weather in Alanya was bad and it was constanly raining for a while but those days are long gone. It's hot and sunny now and tourists are enjoying it by  swimming in middle of the month of February

06.08.2013Damlatas Cave

During blasting work for the construction of Alanya Harbour in 1948, engineers found the Damlatas cave. Today the cave is one of the town's most popular attractions. The cave has a constant temperature of 22-23 degrees Celsius and humidity level of more than 90 %. There are also stalagmites an...

06.08.2013Power firms eye Turkish openings

Power firms eye Turkish openings 2 June 2013, 13:12 GMT | By Tom Pepper Rising energy import bills have forced Ankara to further privatise the sector Private investors with eyes fixed on power sector opportunities in the Gulf would do well to turn their attention much...

06.08.2013Strengthening Turkey-Gulf trade

Ankara’s stable economy is an ideal safe haven for Middle East investors Economic relationships between Turkey and the Middle East have significantly increased in the past 30 years, beginning when Turkish contractors started bidding for infrastructure projects in the region, and continui...

06.08.2013Turkey grows at home and abroad

In 2022, the Turkish republic will celebrate its centenary Before that, however, the country is bidding to host not only the Olympic Games in 2020, but also the World Expo in the same year, putting it in direct competition with the UAE. Ankara’s bids to host these world-scale events h...

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